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Date Event Opponent W/L/D Notes
12/16/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Jamie Knoble L  
12/14/2001 HWA, Springfield, OH Kaz Hayashi & Reno L with the Funkster
12/12/2001 HWA, Dayton, OH Nigel McGuinness L Threeway dance with Pepper Parks
12/11/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Mike S&ers & Lance Cade L with Maven
12/09/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Haku & The Jablonskis L with Nigel McGuinness & Steve Blackman
12/08/2001 HWA, Batavia, OH Jamie Knoble L  
12/01/2001 MCW, Chicago, IL Airborne L  
11/27/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Val Venis L  
11/24/2001 HWA, Batavia, OH Kaz Hayashi, Jimmy Yang, & Evan Karagias L with the Jablonskis
11/20/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Gotti & Hussla W Three-Way Dance
11/18/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Jimmy Yang & Kaz Hayashi W with Pepper Parks
11/14/2001 HWA, Dayton, OH Jimmy Yang & Kaz Hayashi W with Pepper Parks
11/13/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Kid Romeo & Russ McCullough W with Steve Blackman
11/10/2001 HWA, Batavia, OH Kid Romeo & Time Bomb L with Gotti
11/04/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Kwee Wee, Kid Romeo, & Elix Skipper L with Matt Stryker & Pepper Parks
10/31/2001 HWA, Covington, KY Kid Romeo, Elix Skipper, & Jamie Knoble L with Matt Stryker & Pepper Parks
10/28/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias L with Matt Stryker, loss by DQ
10/27/2001 HWA, Batavia, OH Time Bomb & Ash Parker W with Gotti
10/16/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Brian Adams L  
10/14/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias W with Matt Stryker
10/13/2001 MCW, Huntley, IL Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger L with Chad Collyer
10/09/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Jamie Knoble L  
10/07/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Elix Skipper L Kid Romeo interfered on Skipper's behalf
10/02/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Lash LeRoux L DQ
09/29/2001 MCW, Grayslake, IL Jay Jensen W  
09/26/2001 HWA, Covington, KY Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias, Kid Romeo & Kaz Hayashi, Cody Hawk & "Ice Cream Man" Tony B L 4 Way Tag (teamed with Pepper Parks)
09/23/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Jimmy Yang & Kaz Hayashi L with Chad Collyer
09/28/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Jimmy Yang & Kaz Hayashi L with Time Bomb
09/15/2001 HWA, Batavia, OH Kwee Wee, Kid Romeo, & Jason Jett L with Time Bomb & Lance Cade
09/09/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Kid Romeo, Evan Karagias, & Shannon Moore L with Nigel McGuinness & Pepper Parks
09/04/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Kaz Hayashi L Three Way with Kid Romeo
09/02/2001 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Jimmy Yang & Kaz Hayashi L with Chad Collyer
08/30/2001 HWA, Covington, KY Evan Karagias & Victoria W with Molly Holly
08/28/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Evan Karagias W  
08/25/2001 HWA, Batavia, OH Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias W with Time Bomb
08/21/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Jimmy Yang W  
08/18/2001 HWA, Moraine, OH Kwee Wee & Gotti W with Time Bomb
08/14/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Crypt Kaldron W  
08/11/2001 NWBA, South Bend, IN Kwee Wee W  
08/04/2001 HWA, Batavia OH @ Red Barn Flea Market Pepper Parks & Matt Stryker L Three Way Dance
07/31/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Matt Stryker NC  
08/01/2001 MECW, Evansville, IN Hell On Earth W with BJ Whitmer
07/24/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Prototype W DQ
07/22/2001 HWA, Batavia, OH Race Steele & Chad Collyer W with Matt Stryker
07/18/2001 NWW, Austintown, OH Kid Kopperpot W DQ
07/13/2001 HWA, Rising Sun, IN Pepper Parks & Chad Collyer W DQ, both Collyer & Shark Boy ™ had a submission finisher on Pepper, but Guffman hit the referee drawing the DQ
07/06/2001 AIWA, Canal Fulton, OH Chris Hamrick L  
06/23/2001 JCW, Jersey Cup Lo Ki L  
06/23/2001 JCW, Jersey Cup Judas Young W  
06/23/2001 JCW, Jersey Cup Dylan Cage W  
05/12/2001 RAW, Frankfort, OH Cody Hawk & Bennie da Bookie W Three Way Dance
05/11/2001 HWA, Rising Sun, IN Crypt Kaldron W  
05/08/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Race Steele & Bobby Casanova W Tag team match with Cody Hawk
04/22/2001 Mega Championship Wrestling, Clevel&, OH Crypt Kaldron W  
04/08/2001 NEPW, Geneva, OH Pepper Parks W  
04/07/2001 NBWA, South Bend, IN Kenny Courageous & Cody Hawk L Three Way Dance, Shark Boy ™ d. Cody Hawk & then lost to Courageous
03/23/2001 SWF, Lucasville, OH Pepper Parks & Nigel McGuinness D with Ash Parker
03/16/2001 HWA, Rising Sun, IN Race Steele L lost the HWA Heavyweight Title
03/11/2001 NEPW, Geneva, OH El Tiburon W won the NEPW Cruiserweight Championship
03/06/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Matt Stryker & Pepper Parks W with Race Steele
03/03/2001 WSCW, Decatur, IN Nigel Slacker W  
02/27/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Dean Jablonski & Matt Stryker (elminated them at the same time) W Battle Royal for the HWA Heavyweight Championship
02/13/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Pepper Parks, Matt Stryker, & Time Bomb W 4 Way Elimination Match
02/09/2001 SWF, Lucasville, OH Ash Parker W  
02/03/2001 NMW, Springfield, IL Tasty Trent L GQ Masters III interfered
01/26/2001 Rising Sun, IN MTV Superstar Rory Fox W Loser Leaves Town Match
01/23/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Rory Fox & Chad Collyer W with Race Steele
01/09/2001 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Bennie da Bookie & The Hussla W Three Way Dance