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Date Event Opponent W/L/D Notes
12/28/2002 IWA, Clarksville, IN Danny Daniels W won the IWA Mid South Lt. Heavyweight Title
12/21/2002 XPW, Philadelphia, PA Chris Hamrick L  
12/18/2002 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN   L eliminated third in a 10 man gauntlet match
12/13/2002 WWA, Zurich, Switzerland Johnny Swinger, "Spyder" Nate Webb, and Frankie Kazarian W Four Corners Match
12/08/2002 WWA, Belfast, Ireland "Spyder" Nate Webb, Frankie Kazarian, and Johnny Swinger W Four Corners Match
12/07/2002 WWA, Manchester, England "Spyder" Nate Webb & Frankie Kazarian W 3 Way Dance
12/06/2002 WWA, Glasglow, Scotland Frankie Kazarian W aired on PPV on February 9, 2003
12/01/2002 WWA, Newcastle, England Frankie Kazarian W  
11/30/2002 WWA, London, England Frankie Kazarian W  
11/29/2002 WWA, Birmingham, England "Spyder" Nate Webb W  
11/28/2002 WWA, Dublin, Ireland "Spyder" Nate Webb W  
11/16/2002 XPW, Philadelphia,PA Chris Chetti W  
11/10/2002 ASW, Cambridge, England Calgary Cowboys W with Hede Vansen
11/09/2002 ASW, Bletchley, England Calgary Cowboys W with Spider-Man
11/08/2002 ASW, Bethnel Green, England Calgary Cowboys W with Hede Vansen
11/07/2002 ASW, Folkstone, England Calgary Cowboys W with Spider-Man
11/02/2002 ASW, Colchester, England Calgary Cowboys W with Spider-Man
11/01/2002 ASW, Telford, England Julio Tores W  
10/30/2002 AWF, Glenrothes, Scotland Chad Collyer W  
10/28/2002 ASW, Portsmouth, England Hade Vansen L  
10/26/2002 ASW, Hanley, England Chad Collyer W  
10/25/2002 ASW, Liverpool, England Chad Collyer W  
10/24/2002 ASW, Skegness, England Chris Steele W  
10/23/2002 ASW, Bognor-Regis, England Calgary Cowboys W with Chris Steele
10/22/2002 ASW, Meinhead, England Calgary Cowboys W with Julio Tores
10/20/2002 ASW, Bognor-Regis, England Calgary Cowboys W with Robbie Dynamite
10/19/2002 ASW, Middlesboro, England Calgary Cowboys W with Spider-Man
10/18/2002 ASW, Leeds, England Robbie Dynamite W  
10/15/2002 ASW, Croyden, England Doug Williams L  
10/12/2002 HCW, Hollywood, FL Reckless Youth L lost the HCW Title
10/05/2002 VCW, Vincennes, IN Colt Cabana L  
10/02/2002 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN Amazing Red L  
09/28/2002 NBPW, St. Petersberg, FL Barry Horowitz L  
09/27/2002 IPW, Indianapolis, IN Vortex L Round Two of a Cruiserweight Tournament
09/27/2002 IPW, Indianapolis, IN Simply Spectacular W Round One of a Cruiserweight Tournament
09/21/2002 RCW, LaSalle, IN Eric Marx L  
09/15/2002 Rock em Sock em, Dayton, OH Spyder Nate Webb & American Kickboxer W teamed with Vortex
09/14/2002 UCW, Dayton, OH Matt Stryker W  
09/07/2002 IWA, Clarksville, IN Terik the Great D Double pin
08/30/2002 BWCW, Ft. Gratiot, MI Rick Solid L 2 out of 3 Falls
08/14/2002 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN The Spanish Announce Team L with Kid Kash and Slim J
08/10/2002 PCW, Compton, CA Somoa Joe W won the finals in the tournament to become the first ever PCW champion
08/03/2002 NWA-Bluegrass, Inez, KY Ian Killjoy W  
07/31/2002 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN Jimmy Rave L  
07/27/2002 MCW, Streamwood, IL Spanish Announce Team L teamed with Ace Steele
07/20/2002 RCW, LaSalle, IL Brandon Bishop W  
07/13/2002 HCW, Hollywood, FL The Stro, Tony Mamaluke, and Reckless Youth W a one-night tournament to win the HCW Heavyweight Championship
07/12/2002 IPW, Tampa, FL Jet Jaguar L  
06/22/2002 NBWA, Nappanee, IN Donovan Morgan L  
06/21/2002 NBWA, Syracuse, IN Crypt & Havoc W with Donovan Morgan
06/15/2002 HWA, Richmond, IN BJ Whitmer L  
06/08/2002 PCW, Compton, CA Frankie Kazarian W  
05/25/2002 SCW, Lexington, KY Mr. (Curtis) Hughes W  
05/18/2002 Indy, Kearny, NE Big Vito L  
05/11/2002 PCW, Compton, CA Kid Kash D  
04/30/2002 SCW, Pikeville, KY Todd Morton W  
03/30/2002 HPW, Pikeville, KY Star W  
03/20/2002 SCW, Lexington, KY Pyro & Showtime Kris Draven W 3 Way Dance
03/06/2002 SCW, Lexington, KY The Greenes L with Doug Gilbert
02/26/2002 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Chad Collyer, Jamie Knoble, and Matt Stryker W Four-Way Dance
02/24/2002 WWA, Las Vegas, NV Nova L eliminated first in a match with Tony Mamaluke (2), Lo Ki(3), Christopher Daniels(4), and A.J. Styles (5)
02/16/2002 NBWA, South Bend, IN Bennie da Bookie and Joey Boom Boom W with Mike Wallace
02/13/2002 HWA, Dayton, OH Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards, and The Hussla W with Cody Hawk and Ice Cream Man
02/12/2002 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Chet Jablonski & BJ Whitmer L with Ice Cream Man
02/09/2002 SCW, Lexington, KY Corporal Punishment W  
02/06/2002 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Chet Jablonski and BJ Whitmer L with Ice Cream Man Tony B
02/05/2002 HWA, Cincinnati, OH The Island Boyz L with the Human Time Bomb
02/02/2002 HWA, Batavia, OH The Jablonskis L with Derek Neikirk
01/26/2002 HWA, Covington, KY Gotti and Dean Jablonski W with Maven
01/12/2002 HWA, Batavia, OH Bennie da Bookie & Gotti NC with the Human Time Bomb
01/09/2002 HWA, Dayton, OH Kaz Hayashi L  
01/06/2002 HWA, Jeffersonville, IN Jamie Knoble L