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Date Event Opponent W/L/D Notes
12/29/2004 HWA, Dayton, OH Simply Fabulous W teamed with Dean Jablonski
12/12/2004 "Sabu Benefit Show", Belleville, MI Conrad Kennedy III & Eddie Venom W teamed with D-Ray 3000
12/11/2004 KORE, Fremont, OH Conrad Kennedy III W  
11/13/2004 WSWF, Fairborn, OH Steve the Teacher W  
11/12/2004 BPW, Middletown, OH Abyss & Evil Shark Boy™ W teamed with Spyder Nate Webb in a Tables Match
11/09/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Kid Romeo & Mark Williams W teamed with D-Ray 3000
11/07/2004 "Victory Road" PPV, TNA, Orlando, FL Hector Garza L part of a 20-man X-Division gauntlet match
11/07/2004 WIW, Orlando, FL Bones the Cutthroat W  
11/02/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Kid Kash, Michael Shane, & Alex Shelly W teamed with D-Ray 3000 & Sonjay Dutt
10/30/2004 NBWA, Elkhart, IN Lash Leroux W  
10/27/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Petey Williams L 6-man X-Division free-for-all
10/26/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Chris Sabin L 6-man X-Division Gauntlet match
10/24/2004 MWA, Coldwater, MI BAM... Johnny Dynamo... Jack Thriller W won the "Price of Glory" tournament hosted by Dan Severn
10/23/2004 Indianapolis, IN Shawn Cooke, Brad Lamen, & Rob Emperor W teamed with Koko B. Ware & Tim Lucarelli
10/19/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Alex Shelly & Petey Williams L teamed with D-Ray 3000
09/28/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Bobby Roode & Petey Williams of Team Canada L teamed with D-Ray 3000
09/24/2004 NBWA, Elkhart, IN Silas Young L  
09/21/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Kid Romeo & Roderick Strong W teamed with D-Ray 3000
09/08/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Jarelle CLark & Mikey Batts L teamed with D-Ray 3000 in an X-Division tag team battle royal
09/02/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL The Naturals L teamed with D-Ray 3000 against the NWA World Tag Team Champions
09/01/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN C.W. Anderson & Chaz Taylor W teamed with D-Ray 3000
08/25/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN TJ Harley & Matt Catalano W teamed with D-Ray 3000
08/21/2004 USACW, De Soto, IL Chris Vaughn L  
08/18/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Team Canada L teamed with D-Ray 3000 & Sonny Siaki
08/13/2004 BPW, Middletown, OH Evil Shark Boy ™ L counted out in BPW Title match due to interference from Jonny Fairplay
08/11/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Petey Williams L 22-Man "Gauntlet for the Gold" X-Division Title Match
07/28/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Abyss & Alex Shelly L teamed with D-Ray 3000; contracts now under the possession of Goldilocks
07/22/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Jeff Jarrett L non-title main event w/ NWA World Heavyweight Champion
07/21/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Johnny Swinger & David Young W teamed with D-Ray 3000 & Mike Posey
07/17/2004 IWC, Turkeytown, PA Glen Spectre L  
07/16/2004 NBWA, South Bend, IN Chad Collyer W  
07/14/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Delirious & Sebastian W teamed with D-Ray 3000
07/08/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian L teamed with D-Ray 3000
07/07/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian L teamed with D-Ray 3000
07/01/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL David Young W  
06/26/2004 BPW, Moraine, OH Dean Jablonski W BPW Heavyweight Title Match
06/24/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Glenn Gilberti & Johnny Swinger W teamed with D-Ray 3000
06/19/2004 USA Pro, Franklin Square, NY Billy Reil W managed by Fred the Elephant Boy from the Howard Stern show
06/10/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Glenn Gilberti & Johnny Swinger W teamed with Irish Pat Kenney
06/09/2004 TNA, Nashville, TN Sonjay Dutt L 4-way match also involving David Young & D-Ray 3000
06/05/2004 NBWA, Elkhart, IN Chris Kanyon & B.J. Whtimer W teamed with Nigel McGuinness
06/04/2004 BPW, Middletown, OH Chris Kanyon W BPW Heavyweight Title Match
06/03/2004 TNA, Orlando, FL Abyss L  
05/22/2004 BWCW, Alpena, MI Truth Martini L  
05/15/2004 WCPW, Cicero, IL Acid Jazz L  
05/14/2004 USA Pro, Queens, NY The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz L teamed with Ken Scampi in 10-team gauntlet match dedicated to Big Dick Dudley
05/08/2004 NWA Oklahoma, Bristow, OK Dexter Hardaway & Brandon Bishop W teamed with X Cal
05/01/2004 NWA Upstate, Webster, NY Brodie Lee W  
04/21/2004 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN David Young W  
04/16/2004 BPW, Middletown, OH Dean Jablonski W won the BPW Heavyweight Title
03/13/2004 EWF, Marion, IN Chad Collyer W  
03/12/2004 TRW, Ft. Wayne, IN Chad Collyer W  
03/06/2004 NBWA, South Bend, IN B.J. Whitmer L lost the NBWA Heavyweight Title
02/28/2004 DCW, Piqua, OH Dean Jablonski & Brian Carlouchi W teamed with Big Jim Hutchinson
02/27/2004 BPW, Middletown, OH Nigel McGuinness W Last Man Standing match
02/21/2004 RCW, Rock Island, IL Danny Mckay & Derek St Holmes L teamed with Spyder Nate Webb
02/20/2004 NBWA, South Bend, IN Danny Daniels W NBWA title defense
02/18/2004 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, Chris Sabin, & Sonjay Dutt L teamed with Jimmy Rave, Jason Cross, & Roderick Strong
02/14/2004 USA Pro, Bethpage, NY Prince Nana L  
02/13/2004 IWA, Highland, IN B.J. Whitmer L  
02/07/2004 WWC, Seaman, OH Fabulous Frederick L  
01/31/2004 IWC, Aliquippa, PA M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition L teamed with Glenn Spectre
01/28/2004 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN Juventud Guerrera, Hector Garza, Mr. Aguila, & Abismo Negro L teamed with Chad Collyer, Matt Stryker, & Eric Young
01/14/2004 NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN Jimmy Jacobs W  
01/03/2004 HWA, Batavia, OH Chad Collyer W