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Date Event Opponent W/L/D Notes
12/11/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Petey Williams L part of an X-Division gauntlet match that aired on "Impact" on Spike TV 1/3/08
12/10/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Rellik L part of a four-way "Silent Night, Bloody Night" match also involving Abyss and Black Reign that aired on "Impact" on Spike TV 12/20
12/08/2007 IWA, Austintown, OH La Parka (not the original) W  
12/04/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Rock 'n' Rave Infection W teamed w/ Eric Young for an Xplosion match
12/02/2007 TNA, Orlando FL various opponents L part of the "Feast or Fired" battle royale at "Turning Point"
12/01/2007 MOW, Clinton, OH Petey Williams W  
11/23/2007 IBW, Youngstown, OH Doink the Clown W  
11/13/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL VKM & Roxxi Laveaux L teamed w/ Chris Harris & Angelina Love for an Xplosion match
10/28/2007 BPW, Middletown, OH Jake Crist W regained the BPW Heavyweight Championship
10/19/2007 WrestleFanFest, San Francisco, CA Lance Hoyt & French Stallion W teamed w/ Abyss
10/16/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, & Havok D part of a four-way match interrupted by Team 3-D that aired on "Impact" on Spike TV 10/25
10/15/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL VKM, Elix Skipper, & Senshi W teamed w/ Eric Young, & LAX for an Xplosion match
10/14/2007 TNA, Atlanta, GA Eric Young L part of the "Fight for Your Right" battle royale at "Bound for Glory"
10/12/2007 MOW, Wooster, OH Pat Tanaka & Nitro W teamed w/ Milwaukee Mauler
10/06/2007 WCWA, Kokomo, IN Justin Dean & Josie W teamed w/ Shark Girl
09/29/2007 PWB, Ellensburg, WA Cedric the Hitman W captured the PWB Heavyweight Title
09/25/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL VKM, James Storm, Lance Hoyt, & Jimmy Rave W teamed w/ Motor City Machine Guns, Eric Young, & Chris Harris for an Xplosion match
09/22/2007 MCW, Reynoldsburg, OH Johnny Gargano L  
09/10/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Team 3D L teamed w/ Sonjay Dutt for a match that aired on Spike TV September 27th
09/10/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Black Reign L match aired on Spike TV September 13th
09/09/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL AJ Styles & Tomko L teamed w/ Eric Young as part of a 10-team gauntlet match at the "No Surrender" pay-per-view
09/07/2007 PSG, Nicholasville, KY Spade & Chaos W teamed w/ Aaron "Idol" Stevens
09/02/2007 IBW, Detroit, MI D-Ray 3000 W Hair vs. Mask
08/27/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt W teamed w/ Eric Young for a match that aired on Spike TV September 8th
08/25/2007 CPW, Wapakoneta, OH Ala Hussein W Steel Cage Match
08/19/2007 BPW, Middletown, OH Cody Hawk W 30-minute "Iron Man" Match
08/13/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Motor City Machine Guns W teamed w/ Petey Williams for a match on Xplosion
08/11/2007 SIWF, Somerset, KY Shawn Shultz W  
08/08/2007 BTW, Urbana, OH Metal Master W  
08/05/2007 CAPW, Cleveland, OH Super Hentai L Triple Threat also involving Aftermath
08/02/2007 BTW, Gallipolis, OH Metal Master W  
07/29/2007 MOW, Clinton, OH Dave Dupont & Brian Bender W teamed with Sherman Tank
07/28/2007 BTW, Chillicothe, OH Metal Master W  
07/15/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Christopher Daniels L part of a ten-man "Ultimate X" match at the "Victory Road" pay-per-view
07/07/2007 CGPW, Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada Eddie Osbourne W  
06/30/2007 EWF, Marion, IN Louis Linaris W  
06/30/2007 WCWA, Kokomo, IN Justin Dean W  
06/29/2007 BTW, Lancaster, OH Metal Master W  
06/28/2007 BTW, Jackson, OH Metal Master W  
06/23/2007 RICW, Cynthiana, KY Terry Allen W  
06/13/2007 AWA, Indianapolis, IN Kirby Mack L three-way match for Light Heavyweight title also involving Zach Gowen
06/13/2007 Benefit Show, South Bend, IN Cody Hawk & Cosmic Kid W teamed with D-Ray 3000
06/01/2007 PWR, Dunkirk, IN Justin Dean W  
05/20/2007 HDW, The Plains, OH Sterling James Keenan L  
05/19/2007 SWN, Lawrenceburg, KY Joey Knight W  
05/12/2007 NWA Upstate, Watkins Glen, NY Brodie Lee & Sweet Lou W teamed with Jimmy Olsen
05/05/2007 ACW, San Antonio, TX Rory Fox & Mike Dell L teamed with Casandro
05/05/2007 ACW, Austin, TX Mike Dell W  
05/04/2007 BTW, Zanesville, OH Eddie Gonzales W  
04/21/2007 NAW, Covington, VA Amber W  
04/17/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt L teamed with Senshi as part of a four-team match for the 4/26 episode of "Impact!"
04/15/2007 TNA, St. Louis, MO Chris Sabin L part of a five-way "Xscape" elimination cage match for the X-Division Title also involving Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, & Alex Shelley for the "LockDown" pay-per-view
03/31/2007 BTW, Circleville, OH El Mascarita W Mask vs. Mask match
03/30/2007 IWA East Coast, Charleston, WV El Drunko W  
03/28/2007 GCW, Phoenix City, AL Cru Jones L  
03/26/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Jerry Lynn L part of a six-way elimination cage match also involving Petey Williams, Austin Starr, Sonjay Dutt, & Alex Shelley for the 3/29 episode of "Impact!"
03/25/2007 NEW, Shelbyville, IN Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd, Jr. L teamed with Tom Van Zant
03/11/2007 PWX, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada Tyson Dux L part of a 3-way elimination match also involving Joe Doering
03/10/2007 PWX, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada Michael Elgin L  
03/07/2007 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Eddie Gonzales & Nevaeh W teamed with Heather Owens
03/04/2007 BPW, Middletown, OH Eddie Gonzales & Jake Simmons L teamed with Cody Hawk; Lost the BPW Tag Team Titles
03/03/2007 Warren Purdue Memorial, Waynesville, OH Todd Mullins & Donny Redd W teamed with Travis Sharp
02/25/2007 HDW, Athens, OH Scotty Riggs & Chris Kahn W teamed with Norman Smiley
02/24/2007 Sloan, IA Rick Steiner & Lenny Lane W teamed with Norman Smiley
02/18/2007 POG, Coldwater, MI Josh Abercrombie W  
02/17/2007 GCPPW, Beaumont, TX Cowdog W  
02/12/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL Chris Sabin L match taped for "Xplosion"
02/12/2007 TNA, Orlando, FL LAX L teamed with Norman Smiley for the 2/15 episode of "Impact!"
02/03/2007 MWWC, Elkhart, IN Big Russ Jones & Seth Savage W teamed with Scotty Young
01/27/2007 SDW, Brookings, SD Andy Douglas W  
01/20/2007 SCW, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Cody Deaner L  
01/19/2007 PWL, Taylor, MI Johnny Dynamo L  
01/14/2007 HDW, Athens, OH Scotty Riggs L part of a Triple Threat match also involving Norman Smiley
01/10/2007 HWA, Cincinnati, OH Ganger W  
01/05/2007 TRP, Fall River, MA Gregory Edwards W