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Top Comic Books, Characters, Inspired Games

Popular Games and Movies Inspired by Comic Books

Do you admire strong people like the Shark Boy wrestler and keep asking yourself who was Shark Boy, what is the Shark Boy real name and how to find the shark boy book amongst other comic books with incredibly strong people? If your interests include the SharkBoy wrestler and the Shark Boy WWE incredible strength, the bestselling top comic books featuring incredibly powerful superheroes with all genres, stay tuned. We have some info that will surely keep you interested.

The All Time Best Comic Books

When it comes to finding the top comic books of all time, we know that the situation can be very tricky. There are many genres, types, different publishers that you choose from, and the top comic books can come from different countries and their cultural identities too. Still, we’ve done our research and found the top 10 comic books that you must read at least once in your lifetime. Also, we suggest having a copy of them at home as well. Here they are:

  1. All-Star Superman
  2. X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
  3. Swamp Thing
  4. Essex County
  5. Marvels
  6. Hellblazer
  7. American Splendor
  8. Ghost World
  9. V for Vendetta
  10. The Dark Knight Returns

Popular Comic Book Characters

The fact that the best comic books were groundbreaking and many of them now have their own world-wide fan base and even some small cults. For instance, we have all seen Halloween masks with people dressed as the current famous movies which are also based on comic books, but we’ll talk about the movies latter. The point is that many comic books inspired a lot of people, and the reason they did so is because they had amazing characters, with touching storylines which made sure that the readers connect to the characters. We also want to ensure that our readers be connect to the latest news and gaming trends as well. We know our audience, and we know you will like this. We are talking about a new class leading Canadian Casino site that ranks the best operators on the web, with the best bonuses to boot, give it a try.

For instance, although DC’s Superman is a fictional character, he is basically what we all think of when we think of superheroes. Dressed in blue with the red and yellow S-sign on his chest, he has been a motivation for many young and older people from all around the world.

Another character that doesn’t leave anyone unamused is of course – Batman. The storyline of Batman is something that many people who are orphaned can rely on, because Batman is orphaned at a very young age, when a thief kills his parents in an alley. Afterwards, he takes the bad things that have happened to him and makes himself strong and smart, fighting evil in the city.

For the girls, there are also a lot of very powerful, inspirational comic books characters. For instance, one of the best comic books is the Wonder Woman, talking about a fierce Amazon woman who trained to be a respectful warrior all her life. She also fights evil, and in some of the best comic books she also saves other, male characters. This has a great value since girls are often portrayed as the ones need saving in comic books, whereas Wonder Woman saves other superheroes many times.

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Best Comic Books Inspired Movies

If we concluded that the famous and top comic books inspired a lot of people to do real-world action and engage in certain activities, it is only reasonable that they also inspired many of the greatest movie producers and directors to create some incredible comic books inspired movies. Of course, they can vary from genre. We have funny ones like the Deadpool movie which is also one of the most famous movies, but there are many great movies that were also inspired by the top comic books. Here, we’ll talk about some of the most important ones.


Popular Games Inspired by Comics

There are many different games that star some of our favorite comic books characters. In fact, even the leading entertainment industry – the online casino one has hundreds of different DC, Marvel and other comic book inspired casino and slots games. Find out the best online Canadian casinos where you can play these amazing comic-themed slots games at Casinositescanada.

The current legal online casinos know that their customers enjoy even the rarest superheroes which is why they simply took some of the best developers, showed them the top comic books and made sure that these players can get proper slots games. In fact, legal online casino websites really care about their customers which is why they offer a lot of different casino bonus benefits including the no deposit casino bonus. Basically, you can use this casino bonus to try out the games for free and find the perfect one for you which will provide you with real money winning chances. After you find your perfect game, you’ll be able to play the online casino slots games of your dreams and win incredible real money rewards.

The Best Online Video Games

Here is the list of the best online video games that are based on the top comic books that you’ll surely enjoy playing:

      • Batman: Arkham Asylum
      • X-men
      • Deadpool
      • Lego Batman 2: DC Super heroes
      • Injustice: Gods Among Us
      • The Punisher
      • Telltale’s The Walking Dead