Movies Inspired By Comic Books

12 French films adapted from culte comics

For the past ten years, French films adapted from French comic strips have been Legion. A look back at 12 of the most famous on the occasion of the release of “Benoît Brisefer”, the superhero of our country!

Benoît Brisefer: The Red Taxis

The last born of the adapted films of cult comics will be released on our screens at the end of 2014. Benoît Brisefer, ten years old, is a little boy with a well-tempered character and a great generosity that hides under a very normal appearance, superpowers. A French superhero who fights against a taxi company (Red) who wants to pillage his small town. With Gérard Jugnot and Jean Reno.

The Little Nicolas

Great success in 2009 (5.6 million entries), The Little Nicolas by Laurent Tirard is clearly at the origin of this current wave of adaptations of comics in the cinema. Valérie Lemercier and Kad Merad, parents of the young hero, gave each other a replica in 2014 for the holidays of little Nicolas.


Kev Adams, along with the greats Christian Clavier and Isabelle Nanty, made his film debut in this film directed by former Robin Hood, Pierre-François Martin-Laval, adapted from the comic book Born in Mickey’s Journal in the early 2000s. Nearly 4 million admissions and one of the most successful French films of 2013!

The Ducobu Student

Ducobu is a dunce and Mr. Latouche (Eli Semoun), its awesome professor in the pension Saint-Schoolboy. But the young boy, about to be expelled, has only one solution: to cheat! He will then deploy treasures of ingenuity… 1.5 million entries later, a sequel was born: the holiday of Ducobu.

Boule & Bill

In 2013, Franck Dubosc and Marina Fois attracted nearly 2 million French people to the rooms for the adaptation of this family Comic centered on the friendship story between a little red boy and his dog cocker.

On the Trail of the Marsupilami

In 2012, Alain Chabat, director, appealed to the values of Jamel Debouzze, Lambert Wilson and Patrick Timsit to set off on the trail of Marsupilami, an imaginary animal born in the popular comic strips Spirou and Fantasia.

Lucky Luke

After Brice of Nice, James Huth offers the cult role of Lucky Luke to his compatriot Jean Dujardin for an ambitious adaptation of the comic strip which features “the man who shoots faster than his shadow”.

Largo Winch

After a television series, The Comic Strip Largo Winch becomes in 2008 an action film with big budget French with the comedian Tomer Sisley in the role of the young heir unjustly imprisoned for drug trafficking, a victim of a planetary conspiracy. Largo Winch returned to Sharon Stone in 2011.


The one who wanted to become Caliph instead of the Caliph found his place in the cinema thanks to Patrick Braoudé and Michael Youn in 2005. 2.5 million tickets and the last role of Jacques Villeret.

Asterix and Obelix against Caesar

In 1999, Claude Zidi adapted the Asterix Adventures of Goscinny and Uderzo, the famous Gaullois, in Asterix and Obelix against César, with the powerful duo Christian Clavier and Gérard Depardieu. A huge budget (41 million euros) for an impressive box office result: 8.8 million admissions. The beginning of a saga that made French cinema run…


There are very few comic-book heroines. Joséphine arrives in 2013 at the cinema to repair this injustice, without much success. Marilou Berry plays a young woman with a complex which following a lie will go into a whirlwind of adventures where she will perhaps finally meet the love of her life.

Michel Vaillant

In 2003, Sagamore Stevenin became Michel Vaillant, a virtuoso racing driver, the undisputed champion in rallies and circuits around the world. His successes and those of his team, The Valiant Ecurie, arouse as much admiration as the jealousy of those who measure themselves against them.