Popular Comic Book Characters


Asterix the Gaul is a famous cartoon character, created in 1959 by René Goscinny and designed by Albert Uderzo. The albums of his adventures with his faithful friend Obelix and dog Idéfix have sold several million copies worldwide.

A small, blond, mustache character, he lives in Armorique, in the last village to resist the Roman occupation of Gaul (France during antiquity). If Asterix and his friends succeed in defeating the Romans, it is thanks to the famous magic potion that their Druid Getafix concocts, which gives them superhuman strength. All the inhabitants of the village drink it, except Obelix: he fell into it when he was small, and the effects of the potion are permanent.

Little Nemo, Winsor McCay comics

Little Nemo in Slumberland is, without doubt, one of the most amazing early works of the American comic strip “à bullies” (born in 1896). American Winsor McCay designed it from 1905 to 1914 (and again from 1924 to 1927).

Born on October 15, 1905, in the Sunday Supplement of the New York Herald, the series has as its theme the adventurous and fantastic dreams of a little boy, Nemo, who wakes up at the last square of each board by falling from his bed. Through the medium of Dreams, the author explores the different possibilities offered by comic strips to tell a story.

In a graphic style that is sometimes inspired by Art nouveau, he gives, for the first time in the history of the genre, a role essential to the color.

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is a cartoon character created by the Belgian cartoonist Morris. His first adventure, “Arizona 1880”, was published in the Spirou Almanac in 1947. The first album was released two years later. To design this solitary cowboy, Morris drew inspiration from three great American western actors: Gary Cooper, Clarke Gable, and James Stewart.

From 1955, René Goscinny wrote the scripts for Lucky Luke, who became more polite and courteous than before. In 1958, he revived the characters of The Daltons, four brothers, who had made an appearance in 1954. The latter is particularly stupid bandits, led by the smallest of them, Joe, known for his anger.


The Smurfs are cartoon characters created in 1958 by Belgian cartoonist Peyo. They appeared for the first time in an album of the series Johan ET Pirlouit, the flute with six Smurfs, before becoming the heroes of their series from 1963, then to inspire cartoons and even films. Since Peyo’s death in 1992, it is his son, Thierry Culliford who writes the scenarios of the albums drawn by various cartoonists.

Smurfs are small, blue beings, wearing white pants and hats, except for their leader, The Great Smurf, whose clothes are red. Their enemy is the sorcerer Gargamel. These characters are almost all alike. Some are different from others.


Tarzan is a fictional character created by American novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950). He first appeared in a novel in 1912, Tarzan and the monkeys. It tells us that his name is Lord Greystoke, that he is the son of English aristocrats and that, following the death of his parents, he was collected and raised by great apes of the African jungle. Gifted with an athletic physique and superior intelligence, Tarzan learns to speak and read alone. Later, he will marry Jane and have a son. His adventures, always renewed, will be told by Burroughs in 27 novels, translated into all languages.