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Shark Boy™ 1999 Results



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Date Event Opponent W/L/D Notes
09/30/1999 WCW Thunder Frankie Lancaster NC Interrupted by Scott Norton; appeared as Dean Roll
07/30/1999 Brian Hildebrand Benefit Event Results, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Eddy Guerrero and Billy Kidman Three-way Dance
Summer 1999 – Signed Development Contract with WCW
06/30/1999 HWA, Fort Mitchell, KY Bobby Casanova/Chad Collyer (with G.Q. Masters III) with Chip Fairway
06/26/1999 International Wrestling Union, Birmingham, AL Chip Fairway  
06/25/1999 MRW, Desoto, MO Jimmy Blaze  
06/08/1999 WCW, Johnstown, PA David Johnson Dark Match
06/07/1999 WCW, Cleveland, OH King Pinz Dark Match; with Jerry Flynn
05/26/1999 HWA, Fort Mitchell, KY Bobby Casanova Won HWA Cruiserweight Title
05/19/1999 Pillman 99, Cincinnati, OH Match 1: Matt Stryker
Match 2: Tarek the Great
Match 3: Chip Fairway
Won HWA Cruiserweight Tournament
04/30/1999 Midwest Renegade Wrestling “2 Tuff” Tony  
04/24/1999 HWA G.Q. Masters, III/Bobby Casanova with Tarek the Great
04/21/1999 HWA Bobby Casanova  
04/03/1999 HWA Jeremy Jett  
03/27/1999 HWA G.Q. Masters III  
03/26/1999 HWA, Fayetteville, OH Astin Augustus Ambrose, Esq, Jeremy Jett and Todd Morton with Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer
03/19/1999 MRW, St. Louis, MO Jacques Lafours  
03/10/1999 HWA, Fort Mitchell, KY Astin Augustus Ambrose, Esq  
03/06/1999 HWA AAA/Jeremy Jett with Matt Stryker
02/27/1999 HWA, Hamilton, OH Bobby Casanova and Tarek the Great Three-Way Dance
02/13/1999 HWA “Bad Boy” Bobby Kane  
02/13/1999 HWA “Bad Boy” Bobby Kane/Tarek the Great with Chad Collyer
02/06/1999 HWA AAA  
01/23/1999 HWA, Hamilton, OH “Bad Boy” Bobby Kane DCOR  
01/15/1999 HWA G.Q. Masters, III