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Shark Boy™ 2005 Results

DateEventOpponentW/L/DNotes12/13/2005TNA, Orlando, FLNWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & Monty BrownLteamed with Kenny King New Year’s Eve on Spike TV’s "Impact"12/13/2005TNA, Orlando, FLTeam CanadaLteamed with The Naturals on "Explosion"12/10/2005Queen City Clash, Charlotte, NCBrian LinderW 12/03/2005SWF, Bluefield, WVChance ProphetW 11/19/2005NWA Cyberspace, Wayne, NJElix SkipperL 11/15/2005TNA, Orlando, FLSinn & HelvusWteamed with Matt Bentley on "Explosion"11/13/2005TNA, Orlando, FLNigel McGuinnessWpre-show match for the "Genesis" pay-per-view10/29/2005IWR, Detroit, MISuper ParkaW 10/28/2005SCW, Altamonte Springs, FLRip MalibuW 10/26/2005TNA, Orlando, FLAlex Shelley & Roderick StrongWteamed with Chris Sabin on "Explosion"10/23/2005TNA, Orlando, FLSimon Diamond, Elix Skipper, & David YoungLteamed with Apollo & Sonny Siaki at the "Bound for Glory" PPV10/20/2005BPW, Middletown, OHvarious opponentsWHalloween Horrors battle royal10/15/2005CWE, Tulsa, OKDelirious & Amazing BlueWthree-way match10/11/2005TNA, Orlando, FLChristopher DanielsWalong w/ Sonjay Dutt & AJ Styles, took Daniels past 15 minutes in an X-Division challenge for "Impact" on Spike TV09/11/2005TNA, Orlando, FLMikey BattsWPre-game show for the "Unbreakable" pay-per-view08/21/2005NWA Cyberspace, Wayne, NJChris HarrisLsix-way match also involving James Storm, Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, & Joel Maximo08/19/2005FTW, Tacoma, WATodd MortonW 08/16/2005TNA, Orlando, FLSamoa JoeL 08/16/2005TNA, Orlando, FLChristopher DanielsWdefeated the TNA X-Division champion in a non-title match08/16/2005TNA, Orlando, FLSean Waltman & Alex ShellyLteamed with Abyss08/14/2005TNA, Orlando, FLElix Skipper, Simon Diamond, & David YoungWteamed with Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt at the "Sacrifice" pay-per-view08/12/2005MOW, Wooster, OHJosh ProhibitionLTriple threat match also involving M-Dogg 2008/06/2005IWR, Detroit, MIAmazing N8W 08/05/2005BPW, Middletown, OHThe Shooting StarsWteamed with Al Snow07/30/2005RWA, West Liberty, KYChris HarrisLmatch for the vacant RWA heavyweight title07/26/2005BPW, Hamilton, OHCody Hawk & The Shooting StarsWteamed with Abyss & Spyder Nate Webb in a six-man elimination match07/23/20053XW, Des Moines, IATony SlyL4-way also involving Egotistico Fantastico and Matty Fitness07/22/2005NBWA, South Bend, INSilas YoungW 07/19/2005TNA, Orlando, FLMatt BentleyL 07/19/2005TNA, Orlando, FLSonjay DuttL3-way also involving Elix Skipper07/17/2005TNA, Orlando, FLSonjay DuttLpart of a four-way X-Division match at the "No Surrender" PPV also featuring Elix Skipper and Mikey Batts07/02/2005HWA, Evendale, OHShawn OsborneDmatch was ruled a "no contest" when Matt Stryker attacked both men07/01/2005HWA, Ft. Campbell, KYAla Hussein & Quinten LeeWteamed with Al Snow06/25/2005CSWF, Wayne, NJSonjay DuttL4-way elimination match including Chris Hamrick and Nick Berk06/21/2005TNA, Orlando, FLSamoa JoeL3-way also involving Elix Skipper06/21/2005TNA, Orlando, FLDavid YoungW 06/19/2005TNA, Orlando, FLDeliriousWpart of a six-way X-Division match at "Slammiversary" PPV also featuring Elix Skipper, Amazing Red, Zach Gowen, & Jerelle Clark06/18/2005UWC, Akron, OHHot CommodityWteamed with Pumper06/11/2005EWF, Greenville, ILIndy KidW 06/04/2005JAPW, Rahway, NJBeef WellingtonL 05/29/2005FIST, Peoria, ILJimmy JacobsL 05/29/2005FIST, Peoria, ILEddie KingstonW 05/21/2005UXW, Old Bethpage, NYChristopher Street ConnectionWteamed with Masked Maniac at "Chris Candido Memorial"05/21/2005CSWF, Wayne, NJPetey WilliamsL 05/15/2005TNA, Orlando, FLAbyssLpart of the 20-Man "Gauntlet for the Gold" match at "Hard Justice" PPV05/15/2005TNA, Orlando, FLDavid YoungWqaulified for the "Gauntlet for the Gold" match at "Hard Justice" PPV05/14/2005XMCW, Nitro, WVMister XW 05/14/2005XMCW, Nitro, WVMister X & Shane StormWteamed with Kris King05/13/2005X3W, Canton, OH8 PackW"Promoter" Tim DeBos (aka Tim Shady) left during the show and stiffed virtually everyone else involved05/06/2005BPW, Middletown, OHEvil Shark BoyWMask vs. Mask match; Evil Shark Boy turned out to be Shark Tank graduate Jimmy Turner04/23/2005BWCW, Fort Gratiot, MISean CaseyLdue to outside interference by Buff Bagwell04/09/2005OCW, West Lafayette, OHChydo RopaW 03/25/2005HWA/BPW, Dayton, OHCody HawkD"Falls Count Anywhere" BPW title match ends in chaos03/19/2005IWA, Highland, INEric PriestL 03/18/2005NBWA, South Bend, INMike ModestL 03/18/2005NBWA, South Bend, INBrad BradleyW 03/15/2005TNA, Orlando, FLRon & Don HarrisLteamed with Cassidy Reilly; aired 3/25/0503/12/2005NEW, Shelbyville, INCarlton KazW 03/08/2005HWA, Evendale, OHRory FoxLHWA Heavyweight Title match03/05/2005CFE for Kids, Myrtle Beach, SCManchildW 03/01/2005TNA, Orlando, FLDavid YoungLaired 3/11/0502/26/2005BPW, Franklin, OHCody Hawk & Evil Shark BoyWteamed with Dean Jablonski02/20/2005XWF, Wheeling, WVJason CageL 02/18/2005NBWA, South Bend, INSpyder Nate WebbW 02/15/2005TNA, Orlando, FLChris CandidoLTriple Threat Match also involving Chris Sabin aired 2/18/0502/11/2005BPW, Middletown, OHCody HawkLlost the BPW Heavyweight Title02/05/2005OCW, Strasburg, OHWrathchildW 02/01/2005TNA, Orlando, FLElix SkipperLTriple Threat Match also imvolving Chris Sabin aired 2/11/0502/01/2005TNA, Orlando, FLPetey WilliamsLaired on "Impact" 2/4/0501/30/2005FIST, Peoria, ILDean Jablonski & Nigel McGuinnessWteamed with Spyder Nate Webb to win the FIST Tag Team Titles01/30/2005FIST, Peoria, ILNecessary RoughnessWteamed with Spyder Nate Webb01/29/2005NEW, Shelbyville, INIndiana Kid Jr. & Carlton KazWTriple Threat Match01/22/2005WFJ, Warrenville, SCAdam OwensW 01/08/2005CSWF, Wayne, NJKen ScampiWFisherman’s Death Match