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Shark Boy™ 2009 Results



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Date Event Opponent W/L/D Notes
12/19/2009 WWX
Hoisington, KS.
Joey Fantabulous  
12/04/2009 SCE
Cincinnati, OH
Poison Appollo Starr  
11/07/2009 NWA All Star
Oakwood, VA
Buddy Landell, Stan Lee, The Man Scout and Frank Parker 8-man tag match; teamed with Iron Cross, El Degato and Mike Cooper
10/25/2009 TNA
Green Bay, WI
Alex Shelley  
10/24/2009 TNA
Racine, WI
10/23/2009 TNA
Chicago, IL
Alex Shelley  
10/17/2009 OCW
Whitehall, OH
James Avery  
10/09/2009 TNA
La Crosse, WI
09/26/2009 NWA East / Heroes of Wrestling,
Waynesville, OH
General Lee Mask versus mask
09/19/2009 BPW
Springdale, OH
Eddie Gonzales  
09/12/2009 TNA
Dalton, GA
09/02/2009 Big Time Wrestling
Pennington Gap, VA
Eddie Gonzales  
08/31/2009 TNA
Orlando, FL
Consequences Creed Taped for Xplosion
08/30/2009 TNA
Belton, TX
08/29/2009 TNA
Abilene, TX
08/28/2009 TNA
San Angelo, TX
08/20/2009 Pro Training Wrestling
Springdale, OH
Cody Hawk, Ben Outlaw, & Johnny Punch Teamed with Sean Casey & Buffalo
08/18/2009 TNA
Orlando, FL
Sheik Abdul Bashir Taped for Xplosion
08/17/2009 TNA
Orlando, FL
08/12/2009 Big Time Wrestling
Urbana, OH
Eddie Gonzales  
08/09/2009 TNA
Alexandria, LA
08/08/2009 TNA
Baton Rouge, LA
08/07/2009 TNA
Biloxi, MS
08/01/2009 OCW
Barboursville, WV
Sean Casey  
07/25/2009 RWA
Ellsworth, PA
Jason Cage 3-way match also involving Troy Lords
06/26/2009 WWC
Aberdeen, OH
Damien Kass & Nikita Allanov teamed w/ Shawn Parks
06/13/2009 MOW
Clinton, OH
Patrick Hayes 3-way match also involving M-Dogg 20
05/23/2009 GCW
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Shredder & Steve Brown teamed w/ Elmo at the Anime North convention
05/21/2009 GCW
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Andrew Davis  
05/16/2009 BCW
Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada
04/30/2009 TNA
Knoxville, TN
Brutus Magnus  
04/26/2009 TNA
Columbus, OH
Suicide X-Division Title Match
04/25/2009 TNA
Niles, OH
Suicide X-Division Title Match
04/24/2009 TNA
Lakewood, OH
Sheik Abdul Bashir  
04/04/2009 ASW,
Gilbert, WV
The Manscout  
03/14/2009 TNA,
Cincinnati, OH
Brutus Magnus Completely humiliated WEBN DJ “Meat” for a second time
03/13/2009 TNA,
Shepherdsville, KY
No Limit Teamed w/ Eric Young
03/07/2009 Warren Perdue Memorial Wrestling Show,
Waynesville, OH
Jake Omen  
02/28/2009 PZW,
Stockbridge, MI
Jason Harris  
02/24/2009 TNA,
Orlando, FL
Kiyoshi Taped for Xplosion
02/14/2009 CIW,
Adrian, MI
02/08/2009 BMF,
Lafayette, IN
Jeremy Hadley & Luis Rojas Teamed w/ Jamie Crisis
02/08/2009 EWF,
Ft. Wayne, IN
AJ Somers  
02/06/2009 CHRW,
Wabash, IN
The Commish, Snake, & Skull Teamed w/ the Spawns of Delinquency
01/27/2009 TNA,
Orlando, FL
Brutus Magnus Aired on 2/5 episode of “IMPACT”
01/03/2009 HWE,
Paducah, KY
CJ Pop & Lord Hades Teamed w/ Panic