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Shark Boy™ 2013 Results



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Date Event Opponent W/L/D Notes
11/21/2013 TNA
Orlando, FL
Zema Ion Taped for Xplosion
11/21/2013 TNA
Orlando, FL
Ethan Carter III Live on Impact on Spike TV
11/07/2013 TNA
Cincinnati, OH
Jesse Godderz Taped for Xplosion
11/02/2013 Wrestling For A Cure II
South Bend, IN
Jake Omen  
10/26/2013 NWA Upstate
Akron, NY
10/12/2013 ASWA
Mansfield, OH
Jeff Cannon  
09/21/2013 PPW
Davison, MI
Sebastian Rose  
08/31/2013 AWA Supreme
Madison, IN
Billy Mattern  
08/10/2013 WWA
Evansville, IN
Micas Silva  
07/25/2013 SIWF
Somerset, KY
07/06/2013 OCW
Ashland, KY
Shawn Cruz  
06/01/2013 American Wrestling All-Stars Supreme
Madison, IN
Billy Mattern & Yukon Mike Teamed with Eric Draven
05/23/2013 TNA
Tampa Bay, FL
Robbie E Taped for “Xplosion”
05/11/2013 HWE
Middletown, OH
Ryan Michaels  
04/26/2013 1CW
Franklin, OH
Jason Kimera Lost the 1CW Hwt title
04/21/2013 VPW
Flatrock, MI
Kid Hybrid Kid Hybrid managed by Truth Martini
04/19/2013 1CW
Franklin, OH
Aaron McCormick  
04/14/2013 IWWA
Kingwood, WV
Sonjay Dutt  
04/06/2013 HWE
Middletown, OH
Nick Lebeau & Ryan Michaels Teaamed with Jimmy Yang
04/06/2013 HWE
Middletown, OH
Ken Roberson  
04/05/2013 1CW
Franklin, OH
Aaron McCormick & Papa Dingo 3-way title match
03/19/2013 TNA “Hardcore Justice 2” PPV
Orlando, FL
Various Eliminated Gunner & Crimson to win 9-man hardcore battle royal
03/17/2013 TNA “Ten” PPV
Orlando, FL
Matt Morgan Part of a 10-man gauntlet battle royal
03/15/2013 1CW
Franklin, OH
Dre Jacobs, Johnny H & Steve Anderson Teamed with Jonboy & Ryan “Razorback” Freeman
03/09/2013 SWA
Greencastle, PA
Pat Anthony  
03/02/2013 Warren Perdue Memorial Wrestling Show
Waynesville, OH
n/a n/a  
03/01/2013 1CW
Franklin, OH
Jack Massacre  
02/22/2013 1CW
Franklin, OH
Dre Jacobs Captured the 1CW Heavyweight title
02/16/2013 WWA
Central City, KY
“Superstar” Ray Waddell Part of a battle royal that featured Eugene & several others
02/15/2013 1CW
Franklin, OH
T-Dogg Part of a 5-way match that also included Ryan Freeman, Dane Abercrombie, & Jack Massacre