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Shark Boy™ 2003 Results

DateEventOpponentW/L/DNotes12/26/2003BPW/HWA, Dayton, OHTeam HWA (Cody Hawk, Nigel McGuinness, B.J. Whitmer, Quinten Lee)Wteamed with Dean Jablonski, Matt Stryker, Fabulous Frederick, and Carlton Kaz in a "WarGames" match12/17/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNRay FuryW 12/10/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNDavid YoungW 12/03/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNMatt StrykerW 11/26/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNAbyssL 11/22/2003IWC, Pittsburgh, PAAeroW 11/19/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNKid KashL 11/15/2003CSWF, Wayne, NJMichael ShaneL3-way dance w/ Grim Reefer11/15/2003LXW, Queens, NYZokreL 11/14/2003BPW, Middletown, OHDean JablonskiLBPW Hwt. title tournament final11/05/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNXLeliminated 2nd in 8-man X-Division battle royal11/01/2003HWA, Batavia, OHAce SteeleL 10/31/2003NBWA, South Bend, INA.J. Styles and B.J. WhitmerWteamed with Mad Mikey; accompanied by The Hurricane10/04/2003RCW, La Salle, ILDerrick St. HolmesW 10/01/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNEkmo Fatu and Sonny SiakiLteamed with Mad Mikey09/27/2003VPW, Helsinki, FinlandKid KashL 09/25/2003HWA, Cincinnati, OHCody HawkL 09/19/2003NBWA, South Bend, INB.J. WhitmerWNBWA title defense09/17/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNSimon Diamond and Johnny SwingerLteamed with Mad Mikey09/13/2003DCW, Springfield, OHCrazy JNo contest 09/13/2003BPW, Middletown, OHCody HawkWNo DQ match09/11/2003UWF, Fleming Neon, KYEddie BrowningW 09/09/2003HWA, Cincinnati, OHCody Hawk and Chet JablonskiDteamed with T.J. Dalton08/24/2003SCW, Lexington, KYPower TwinsWteamed with Buff Bagwell08/24/2003SCW, Lexington, KYCody HawkW 08/23/2003IWC, West Mifflin, PACarlton KazW 08/16/2003NBWA, Nappannee, INA.J. StylesLBy DQ; NWA World Heavyweight Title match08/15/2003NBWA, South Bend, INA.J. StylesWBy DQ; NWA World Heavyweight Title match08/06/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNMichael ShaneLFour-way match also involving Danny Doring and Joey Matthews08/01/2003BPW, Middletown, OHMike SandersW 07/31/2003HWA, Cincinnati, OHRory FoxLLost HWA Cruiserweight title07/30/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNSimon Diamond & Johnny SwingerLTeamed with Norman Smiley07/29/2003HWA, Cincinnati, OHQuintin LeeW 07/19/2003HWA, Columbus, OHRoxy FoxWWon 4th HWA Cruiserweight championship07/16/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNHarris BrothersLTeamed with New Jack07/12/2003HPW, Columbus, INDonnie IdolW 07/09/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNDon HarrisL 07/11/2003GCW, Birmingham, ALThe Inhuman Fly & Joe HoganW3 Way Dance07/09/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNDon HarrisL 07/02/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNMike SandersW 06/20/2003WCPW, Shawano, WIRipper MansonL 06/18/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNDeliriousW 06/13/2003NBWA, South Bend, INNigel McGuinessWWon the NBWA Heavyweight title06/11/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNChris SabinL 06/07/2003HPW, Columbus, INOx HarleyD 05/31/2003IWF, Taylor, MIKid KashL 05/31/2003WWW, Middletown, OHCody HawkW 05/28/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNVinne ValentinoW 05/21/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNRon Killings & Don HarrisLTeamed with New Jack05/09/2003NBWA, South Bend, INB.J. WhitmerW 04/30/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNChris SabinLfour-way elimination match also involving Jason Cross and Jimmy Rave04/23/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNDelirious, Jimmy Rave, & Ryan AshWteamed with Matt Sydal and Salvitore Rinuaro04/21/2003WWE, Atlanta, GAChristopher NowinskiLSunday Night Heat (International)04/10/2003WWW, Middletown, OHChad CollyerWAlso won a Battle Royal later in the night04/07/2003MACW, Cookeville, TNMr. ShowtimeW 04/09/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNJerry Lynn & Amazing RedLteamed with Jason Cross in a four-team elimination match04/07/2003WWE, Milwaukee, WITyson DuxW 04/06/2003HPW, Columbus, INTiny TimL 04/06/2003HPW, Columbus, INBobby BlackW 04/05/2003OCW, Yellow Springs, OHBig Jim HutchinsonW 03/28/2003NBWA, South Bend, INCosmic KidW 03/26/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNBrian AshW 03/21/2003IWA, Clarksville, INBrent BladesW 03/11/2003WWE, Pittsburgh, PAChris KanyonLWWE Debut, Dark match on Smackdown!03/08/2003XPW, Monaca, PAJerry LynnL4-way with Juventud Guerra and Johnny Storm03/07/2003IWA, Clarksville, INTracy SmothersL 03/01/2003XPW, Los Angeles, CAScorpio Sky and QuicksilverWteamed with Angel02/28/2003XPW, Los Angeles, CAYouthanaziaLteamed with Angel02/22/2003CWF, Hornell, NYRon "The Truth" KillingsW 02/21/2003IWA, Claksville, INDrake YoungerL3-way with Simon Sezz02/19/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNDisgracelandL 02/19/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNDeliriousW 02/14/2003XPW, Philadelphia, PAChaosL 02/12/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TN Leliminated 3rd in an 8-man elimination X-Division match won by Jerry Lynn02/08/2003IWA, Clarksville, INVortexL 02/07/2003IWA, Clarksville, INSimon SezzL 02/05/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNKid KashL 02/01/2003FXW, Indianapolis, INJosh ProhibitionL 01/31/2003WWW, Fairfield, OHChad Too Badd AllegraW 01/25/2003IWA, Clarksville, INDevon FuryL 01/24/2003IWA, Clarksville, INMitch RyderW 01/22/2003NWA-TNA, Nashville, TNSAT’s and Amazing RedLwith Jimmy Yang & David Young01/18/2003XPW, Philadelphia, PATracy SmothersW 01/17/2003XPW, Philadelphia, PATracy Smothers & Chris HamrickLwith Angel01/11/2003IWA, Clarksville, IN"Spyder" Nate WebbLlost the IWA Lt. Heavyweight Title01/04/2003IWA, Clarksville, INJosh ProhibitionW