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Shark Boy™ 2006 Results

DateEventOpponentW/L/DNotes12/02/2006SWF, Bluefield, WVDave ScottW 12/01/2006SWF, Lewisburg, WVMichael YamahaW 11/18/2006MEWL, Dover, OHKonoLpart of a 4-way TLC match also involving Jazin Blaze & Marion Fontaine where the cruiserweight title changed hands11/04/2006OCW, Rittman, OHRyan Midnite & Vance DesmondWteamed with BeastMaster10/29/2006BPW, Middletown, OHJake "Crazy J" CristLpart of the 30-man "Halloween Horrors" battle royal to crown a new BPW Hwt. Champion10/29/2006BPW, Middletown, OH"Irish Airborne" Lotus & Crazy JWteamed with Cody Hawk to recapture the BPW Tag Team Titles in a Ladder Match10/28/2006MWWC, Elkhart, INBilly RocW 10/25/2006SWN, Lexington, KYZodiacW 10/22/2006TNA, Detroit, MIAustin StarrLpart of the Kevin Nash X-division gauntlet battle royal at the "Bound for Glory" PPV10/14/2006WKWA, Paducah, KYChristopher Steamboat & Super ElectricosWteamed with Warlock to capture the Tag Team Titles10/14/2006WKWA, Paducah, KYvarious opponentsWWon a battle royal10/09/2006TNA, Orlando, FLSenshi, Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, & Johnny DevineWteamed with Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, & Jay Lethal on the 10/12 episode of "Impact"10/07/2006WCWA, Kokomo, INJ.D. EliteW 09/30/2006TNA/UWF, Franklin, VARhinoLpart of a 3-way match also involving Eric Young09/29/2006TNA/UWF, Richmond, VAPetey WilliamsLpart of a 4-way match also involving Chris Sabin and Eric Young09/25/2006TNA, Orlando, FLEric YoungW5-way match also involving Norman Smiley and The Diamonds in the Rough where Eric Young was fired aired 10/5 on "Impact"09/24/2006TNA, Orlando, FLThe NaturalsLteamed with Norman Smiley in an 8-team tag team battle royal at "No Surrender" PPV09/23/2006EWF, Marion, INBig Richard CannonW 09/20/2006SWN, Lexington, KYAla HusseinW 09/16/2006WORLD-1, Bay City, MIAmazing N8L 09/04/2006TNA, Orlando, FLPetey WilliamsLmatch taped for "Xplosion"09/04/2006TNA, Orlando, FLAMW, Kazarian, & Maverick MattLteamed w/ The James Gang & Norman Smiley for a match that aired on "Impact" 9/708/27/2006IWR, Detroit, MIJeff KingW 08/19/2006MWWC, Elkhart, INSgt. PetersonLLost the MWWC heavyweight title amidst controversy08/14/2006TNA, Orlando, FLSenshiLX-Division title match for "Xplosion"08/13/2006TNA, Orlando, FLEric YoungLaired on "Impact" 8/3108/12/2006SWN, Lawrenceburg, KYJihadWteamed with Kevin Star08/10/2006BPW, Evendale, OH"Irish Airborne" Lotus & Crazy JDTeamed with Cody Hawk; Controversial finish led to the vacating of the BPW Tag Team Titles and a return ladder match ordered for October 29th08/09/2006BTW, Urbana, OHCarlton KazW 08/05/2006PWB, Wenatchee, WAVarious OpponentsDpart of a three-way tag match that ended in chaos07/31/2006TNA, Orlando, FLAbyssLaired on "Impact" 8/1007/27/2006USWF, Somerset, KYJay-Ten LyonsW 07/22/2006UIW, Wilmington, OHFabulous FrederickW 07/17/2006TNA, Orlando, FLPetey WilliamsL4-way match also involving Sonjay Dutt & Johnny Devine that aired on "Impact" 7/2707/16/2006TNA, Orlando, FLJohnny DevineLpre-show match for "Victory Road" PPV07/15/2006JCW, Patskala, OHDBAW 07/14/2006JCW, Patskala, OHBryar Wellington & CJ OtisWteamed with Norman Smiley07/04/2006CIW, Rantoul, ILStorm RiderW 07/03/2006TNA, Orlando, FLHomicideLMatch taped for "Xplosion"06/25/2006POG, Coldwater, MIJimmy JacobsL 06/24/2006HWA, Jamestown, OHForeign IntelligenceWteamed with Mark Matt06/18/2006TNA, Orlando, FLSenshiL6-way elimination match also involving Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, & Alex Shelley at the "Slammiversary" pay-per-view06/17/2006UWC, Akron, OHDeviantL 06/17/2006MEWL, Alliance, OHUnknownW 06/10/2006TNA/UWF, Wayne, NJPetey WilliamsL 06/09/2006TNA/UWF, Philadelphia, PASimon DiamondW 06/04/2006NBWA, Watseka, ILCecil CervezaL4-corners match also involving Adam Evans & Wild Bill06/03/2006SWN, Lawrenceburg, KYTank TollandL 05/27/2006GCW, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaHornetL3-way match also involving Otis Idol05/25/2006GCW, Oshawa, Ontario, CanadaT.J. WilsonL3-way match also involving Michael Elgin05/20/2006MWWC, South Bend, INBJ WhitmerWcaptured the MWWC heavyweight title05/19/2006OWA, Elkhart, INJake Omen & SiknessWteamed with Liberty Kid05/15/2006TNA, Orlando, FLTeam Canada (Eric Young & A-1)Lteamed with Sonjay Dutt for a match aired on "Global Impact"05/15/2006TNA, Orlando, FLSenshiL4-way match also involving Alex Shelley & Jay Lethal aired on Spike TV’s "Impact" 5/2505/13/2006MSPW, Coal City, ILDelicious Danny ScottW 05/11/2006GCW, Oshawa, Ontario, CanadaMichael ElginL4-way match also involving Johnny Devine & Shawn Spears05/06/2006SWF, Bluefield, WVBill BainW 05/05/2006XWE, Uniontown, PAJD Michaels & D-BlockWteamed with Axl Rotten04/29/2006MEWL, Alliance, OHVirusWcaptured the MEWL Cruiserweight title in a 3-way match also involving Unknown04/23/2006TNA, Orlando, FLChris SabinLa 6-way "Xscape Match" on the "Lockdown" PPV also involving Petey Williams, Elix Skipper, Puma, & Chase Stevens04/19/2006BPW, Evendale, OHForeign Intelligence & Patrick BlackWteamed with Cody Hawk & Dustin Thomas04/15/2006SWN, Lawrenceburg, KYChris CageW 04/14/2006XWE, Morgantown, WVTracy SmothersW 04/10/2006TNA, Orlando, FLLAX & Roderick StrongLteamed with Chase Stevens & Cassidy Riley for a match to air on Xplosion04/09/2006NBWA, Danville, ILDiego CorleoneW 04/08/2006MWWC, South Bend, INAlex ShelleyW 04/07/2006OWA, Elkhart, INJake OmenW 03/28/2006TNA, Orlando, FLDiamonds in the RoughWteamed with Chase Stevens for a match that aired on Xplosion03/28/2006TNA, Orlando, FLDiamonds in the RoughDteamed with Norman Smiley for a match that aired on the 4/8 episode of "Impact" on Spike TV which ended when Scott Steiner hit the ring03/26/2006NBWA, Buckley, ILAngelo Santelli & Diego CorleoneWteamed with Tom Bellman03/24/2006BPW, Franklin, OHForeign IntelligenceWteamed with Cody Hawk03/19/2006SVW, Bridgeport, OHJason CageL3-way match also involving Jason Gory03/17/2006TNA, Plymouth, MISimon DiamondWVery first match on the very first TNA house show!03/14/2006TNA, Orlando, FLLatin American ExchangeWteamed with Norman Smiley for a match aired on the 3/18 episode of "Impact" on Spike TV03/12/2006TNA, Orlando, FLDiamonds in the RoughLteamed with Norman Smiley on the "Destination X" PPV pre-show03/11/2006OCW, Coshocton, OHVic MontanaLA 5-way match where Shark Boy lost the OCW cruiserweight title when one of the other competitors was pinned03/09/2006BPW, Evendale, OHAbyssLBPW Hwt. Title Match03/04/2006SWF, Bluefield, WVJoey MortonL 03/02/2006SWF, Princeton, WVDavid ScottW 02/28/2006TNA, Orlando, FLThe Diamonds in the RoughLteamed w/ Jay Lethal & Lance Hoyt on "Xplosion"02/28/2006TNA, Orlando, FLJeff Jarrett, Abyss, & America’s Most WantedLteamed w/ Norman Smiley, Cassidy Riley, & Buck Quartermain for a match aired on the 3/4 episode of "Impact" on Spike TV02/25/2006MEW (UK), Newcastle, EnglandSpudW 02/18/2006IWC, Elizabeth, PAThe Gambino BrothersLteamed with Glenn Spectre02/17/2006BPW, Evendale, OHForeign IntelligenceWteamed with Cody Hawk to capture the BPW Tag Team Titles02/14/2006TNA, Orlando, FLSamoa JoeLaired on the 2/25 episode of "Impact" on Spike TV02/12/2006TNA, Orlando, FLElix Skipper, David Young, & Shannon MooreWteamed with Lance Hoyt & Cassidy Riley on the "Against All Odds" pay-per-view pre-show02/11/2006OCW, Newark, OHUnknownWcaptured the OCW Cruiserweight Title02/09/2006IWA, Chillicothe, OHRicochetW 02/04/2006BCW, Clay City, KYSammy StylesW 01/31/2006TNA, Orlando, FLThe Diamonds in the RoughWteamed with Matt Bentley & Lance Hoyt on "Xplosion"01/17/2006TNA, Orlando, FLTeam CanadaLteamed with Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt for the 1/21 "Impact" on Spike TV01/07/2006BCW, Clay City, KYShane MatthewsDmatch ruled a "no contest" when both wrestlers were attacked