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Shark Boy™ Shark Tank


Want to be a pro wrestler?

Whether you’ve never set foot in a ring before or you’re already a wrestler who wants to polish his game, the Shark Tank is your best place to learn the ropes. As a pro who has worked with the top companies in the country, Shark Boy™ himself will walk you through the physical and psychological world of pro wrestling. You’ll get individualized attention thanks to small class sizes, and you’ll gain experience wrestling in front of live crowds with some of the top names in professional wrestling today.

Contact Shark Boy™ himself at, and find out how you can swim in the Tank!

Shark Tank I photo
Inaugural Shark Tank Graduating Class

Shark Tank I
Graduates: Tom Bellman, Mike Feighery, Darryl Hazel, Jason Powell, Tim Schaal, John Smith, Ed Tivador, Dustin Thomas, Jimmy Turner & Jerrod West
Shark Tank II
Graduates: Adam Bueller, Ed Gonzales, Dustin Joseph & Todd Mullins
Shark Tank III
Graduates: Garry Banks, Tom Bellman, Ed Gonzales, Darrell Hazel, Sam Johnston, Dustin Joseph, Brian Laws, Matthew Lowry, Todd Mullins, Ellery Linn Muselin, Donny Redd, Jake Schreiner, Jaden Sempsrott, Travis Sharp, Jeff Spencer, Jerrod West & Tony Xayasomloth
Shark Tank IV
Graduates: Steve Collins, Michael Frey, Brian Jones, Will Jones, Brian Laws, Josh Lawson, Matthew Lowry, Donny Redd, Dale Roberts, Jaden Sempsrott, Buddy Stevens, Andrew Troyer, Kyri Ward & Josh Weaver
Shark Tank V
Graduates: Michael Frey, Ian Jordan & Jaden Sempsrott
Shark Tank VI
Graduates: Tom Bellman, Will Jones, Chris Ledbetter, Mat Miller, Brandon Overholser, Jonathan Plappert, Steven Speed & Jerry White
Shark Tank VII
Graduates: GeeGee Bradley, Chris Ledbetter, Chad Parker, John Kuebler, & Jonathan Plappert
Shark Tank VIII
Graduates: Boyd C Adkins IV, Dane Engle, Robbie Raynes, James Tipell, Alvis Williams III, & Jay Zurlinden